Your testing checklist!

check out this walkthrough video


PodBooker is the first platform that helps people find and pitch to be a guest on podcasts and podcast hosts find and book guests. 

A BIG thank you for helping us make this the best experience for guests and hosts! 

We ( Daniel Gefen and Simon Goodchild) really appreciate you taking an interest and helping us test PodBooker. We are VERY excited about launching (hopefully within the next few weeks), and your help in testing is a vital part of the launch process.


Okay, some ground rules for testing

  1. Any bookings between guests and hosts are not real or expected to be honoured – unless the host has confirmed directly with you that they are.
  2. Normally, users have to pay (free for hosts) for a monthly allowance to pitch as a guest to hosts – you have been given 9,999 “credits” to test!
  3. PodBooker is in ALPHA TESTING – so things may well change, and may not work 100% (although we hope it will!).
  4. The site works on mobile phones (it’s responsive), however this is still being optimised.
  5. If you want to continue to use PodBooker after the testing, we’ll sort out a suitable reward for you.

A checklist for your testing (you can also find this checklist by clicking the ‘CLICK ME’ tab on the left side of the website.


Please send any feedback by either messaging Daniel Gefen or Simon Goodchild (depending who you know best) on the platform.

To help you test, here are some suggested activities:

  1. Register… lol! You will have a choice of which is your primary role. HOST or GUEST (NOTE: You will be able to setup both but choose the one that will be your primary use on the platform.)
  2. From your menu (your name on the menu) choose Edit Profile, and fill in the sections.
  3. From your menu, or via Edit Profile, upload your profile image.
  4. Use the menu items to search for Podcast hosts and/or Guests.
  5. Pitch to a host to appear as a guest on their show, via their Podcast page.
    • Track progress through Messages (on the menu) and act when asked to.
    • Keep an eye out for emails keeping you informed.
  6. If you host a Podcast:
    • Add your Podcast via the Podcasts option on “your menu”.
    • Look for a guest and invite them to your Podcast via their profile page.
    • Track progress through Messages (on the menu) and act when asked to.
    • Try out a Host Swap (appear on each other’s Podcast) on their Podcast profile page.
    • Try out a Review Swap (add a review for each other’s Podcast).
    • Try out a Shoutout Swap (tell your audiences about each other’s Podcast).

How to send feedback

For issues and feedback about using PodBooker, please send a message to Daniel Gefen or Simon Goodchild.  

Please provide as much information as possible, especially what you were doing if there is a problem (so it can be replicated and fixed).

Where and how to login

Pretty simple, click Login at the top of the screen, or in future just go to